Carnuntum – Metropolis on the Danube Limes

Carnuntum takes a highly prominent position along the Danube Limes. Protected by a legionary camp and an auxiliary troops' camp, the capital of the Roman province of Upper Pannonia, as the seat of the governor, rose to become a metropolis with around 50,000 inhabitants and an area of ​​10 km². As the only city of its size and importance, it was also located directly on the border, at the intersection of the Amber Road, one of the most important north-south connections, and the Limes Road, one of the most important west-east connections in the Roman Empire.

Trade and cultural transfer fueled a flourishing of culture and prosperity. Olive oil, wine, fish sauce as a seasoning, as well as dates and figs were imported from the Mediterranean region, fine tableware was obtained from Italy or Gaul. Countless pieces of jewelry, sculptures, or fragments of magnificent wall paintings still bear witness to the luxurious life in ancient Carnuntum.

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