The re-enactors at the Festival of Late Antiquity bring the Roman Quarter to life authentically as it was in Roman times. Families can thus embark on a true journey through time and get to know the everyday life of the Romans up close. Become an onlooker of history and observe life, crafts, work and legionary training in late antiquity. For children, this is a unique opportunity to experience history vividly and with all their senses.

The festival of late antiquity will also be an opportunity for them to try things out for themselves! There will be a wide range of activities for children of all ages, ensuring fun and unforgettable moments. Ancient children's games, storytelling and excercising with the legionaries are on the programme.

The extensive open spaces in the Roman Quarter offer plenty of room and a large playground invites you to let off steam. Shady rest areas in the immediate vicinity allow you to keep an eye on the children at all times. The green areas of the Roman Quarter and the Military City Amphitheatre are easily accessible with prams. On the Roman streets, in the interiors of the reconstructed houses, and in the Carnuntinum Museum, there are some steps and landings to negotiate.

As a special offer for families, admission to Carnuntum is free for children under 11.


    - Exciting programme for all age groups
    - scientifically founded and at the same time playful cultural mediation
    - Partially barrier-free
    - Restaurant and playground on the grounds of the Roman Quarter
    - Changing table available in the Roman Quarter


Lively presentation of the history of late antiquity - whether young or old - here you will find the right programme for children!

Schola Romana

Anyone who has always wondered how the Roman alphabet worked or how people in late antiquity calculated can find out at the stand near the playground.

Children's drill

After the reenactors' training, it's the children's turn. During the drill with children, the young Roman friends can fully immerse themselves in the world of the legionaries and try out various fun exercises for themselves.

Roman fairy tales

Fairy tales and adventurous stories are told for children in the camp of the Brisigavi Alamanni group.


Children's games

Delta, round mill, games of skill - these and other games were already very popular with children in ancient times. Young Roman friends can prove their skills with the games of yesteryear.


Spontaneous scenes

Take a stroll with your children through the Roman quarter and the reenactors' camps. Throughout the day there are spontaneous interludes and play scenes from the performers. Keep your eyes open!


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