Festival of Late Antiquity 2022

The Festival of Late Antiquity is a special event, the only one of its kind in the world. Participants from all over Europe turn back time by 1700 years and open a window into that era, which is shown with the reconstructed houses in the Roman Quarter. Take a walk through late antique Carnuntum and become an onlooker of everyday life in a time when the Roman Empire was already slowly coming to an end.

Fixed programme items, such as colourful parades or soldiers' combat exercises, alternate with surprise scenes in which the focus is on the detailed re-enactment of everyday situations.

The festival of late antiquity offers a unique opportunity to get to know the Romans in a way that has little in common with the usual clichés. The time of muscle armour and togas is largely a thing of the past. It is also more than 200 years and several generations in the past; late antiquity has as much to do with it as we do with the Napoleonic wars. Instead, people wear trousers, and the soldiers are already more reminiscent of medieval knights than of the familiar legionaries of the early imperial era.


Some highlights will be announced for you in advance. They are by no means all you can experience in one day. But they are pointers for starting your journey into Late Antiquity. Activity stations and play opportunities for children round off the festival programme.

10.00 Drill for children (3)
11.00 Procession on the occasion of the surprise visit of Julianus Apostata (7)
11.15 Emperor's audience, alms distribution (3)
12.00 Storyteller (4)
12.30 Roman medicine (5)
13.00 Lunch of Iulianus and dignitaries (7)
14.15 Audience (7)
14.30 Drill for children (3)
15.00 Meeting of the matrons (1)
15.30 Fashion show and wedding (1)
16.30 Training (3)/ Storyteller (4)
17.00 Promotion and awarding (3)

All day children games (8)

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