FAQ - Questions about the Roman Festival

How much is the entrance fee?

The regular entrance fees of the Roman Town apply, i.e. you get the whole festival program for the regular entrance fee!

What is the Fast Lane?

If you purchase your tickets online in advance, you can use the fast lane at the box office! No queuing, a dedicated lane, just scan your ticket and off you go to the festival area. Tickets are available on our website!

Does the NÖ-Card apply?

The NÖ-Card is valid at the regular conditions. Say 1x free admission with the NÖ-Card per season, you can of course redeem this during the Römerfest!
Attention: Unfortunately, the NÖ-Card must be scanned at the box office, so you can not buy an advance ticket with it.

What else is included in the regular admission price?

The admission fee also includes a visit to the new exhibition "Weltstadt am Donaulimes" at the Carnuntinum Museum in Bad Deutsch Altenburg. On the occasion of the Roman Festival, the museum is also OPEN UNTIL 6:00 PM!


Do children pay admission?

Children under 11 are admitted free when accompanied by an adult!

What are reenactors?

Reenactors represent people from the past. In our case of the ancient world. This can be for example:

  • Legionaries
  • gladiators
  • barbarians
  • but also people of everyday life.

The Roman Festival 2022 welcomes over 300 reenactors!


What is there to experience?

Here are some highlights of this year's Roman Festival:

  • The Legions of Rome: In addition to the tents, military exercises and just basically lots of Romans, the legions of Rome go into battle against the barbarians 2x a day. An extraordinary experience!
  • Carnuntum's gladiators: Carnuntum's own gladiator troupe, the Familia Gladiatoria Carnuntina performs at the Roman Festival in the large festival arena and shows all its skills. No collusion, but real fights with practice weapons.
  • Theatre play "Weltstadt am Donaulimes": A play written especially for the Roman Festival. An exciting story from ancient Carnuntum!
  • The craftsmen of the empire: Numerous traders have pitched their tents at the Roman Festival and offer their extraordinary wares. From honey to wooden swords, everything is there!


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