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Roman city quarter

Legionnaires, roman civils, craftsmen, roman cavalry and tribes of barbarians settle in the roman city quarter and show roman life at it's best. Beside the military presentation of the troops there are roman dances, an antique fashion show and visitors can attend a roman wedding. One of the highlights is the show "The Women of Carnuntum", dealing in hilarious manners with the role of Women in Roman Times. The programme will be accompanied by Roman crafts, a varied children’s programme and Roman refreshments.

Amphitheatre military city

The gladiator contests in the arena of the amphitheatre are a spectacular performance. Two gladiators are facing each other trying to figure out who's the best fighter. In the end the decision is made by the audience cheering on their favourite.



Roman Festival for Children

5-8 years

Children’s Parade

Roman city quarter
10.00, 15.00 and 17.00 h

Legionnaires Training for Children

Roman city quarter
13.30 h

Roman Wedding

Roman city quarter
13.00 and 16.00 h

8-15 years

Attack of the Dacians

Roman city quarter
10.00 h

Grand Procession in Honor of Jupiter

Roman city quarter
11.00 h

Gladiator Contests

Amphitheatre military city
12.30 and 15.30 h

Children’s Activities in the Arena

Amphitheatre military city
11.00 and 14.00 h



Roman city quarter

Amphitheatre military city

Museum Carnuntinum

Arena and stage

Buildings and streets


Morning Roll-Call and
Sacrifice to Jupiter

10.00 Attack of the Dacians Stories Told by Household Slave Marcus
10.30 The Roman Cavalry Roman Legends for Children
11.00 Grand Procession in Honor of Jupiter
Children’s Tour: Legion Life
11.30 Performance:
“The Women of Carnuntum”

In a Roman Herb Garden

12.00 Roman Dances Children’s Activities in the Arena
12.30 Roman Fashions



Tour: Rome’s Eagle
13.00 Roman Music
Stories Told by Household Slave Marcus Gladiator Contests
13.30 Legionnaires Training Children’s Parade
14.30 Performance:
“The Women of Carnuntum”
Children's Tour: Legion Life
15.00 Legionnaires Training for Children Stories Told by Household Slave Marcus
15.30 Roman Wedding Gladiator Contests
16.00 Legionnaires Training Roman Legends for Children Tour: Rome’s Eagle
16.30 In a Roman Herb Garden Children’s Activities in the Arena
17.00 Attack against the Dacians Children’s Parade
17.30 Pax Romana –
The Reestablishment of Peace

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