Opening "Metropolis at the Danube Limes"

The history of the city and its social life are impressively portrayed with exhibits, some of which have never been shown before.

From 30 June 2022, the Museum Carnuntinum will shine in new splendour. With the opening of the brand-new exhibition "Carnuntum - Weltstadt am Donaulimes" (Carnuntum - Metropolis at the Danube Limes), never-before-seen exhibits from the collections of the Province of Lower Austria will be presented, among others, which impressively portray the city's history, but also its social life.

For the first time, the results of more than 150 years of scientific research have been combined into an interactive city map of ancient Carnuntum, which makes it possible to show both the history of settlement and the settlement structure down to the level of a city district.

The exhibition aims to create an understanding of how the Roman metropolis functioned and how people lived in it. The starting point is the military installations that formed an essential part of the border security system "Danube Limes" and were the backbone for the settlement development of Carnuntum. Helmets, face masks, silver dagger scabbards and a completely preserved cornu (military signalling instrument) are just some of the highlights in this part of the exhibition.

Come again ticket


If you have already visited the Roman Quarter and the Amphitheatre this year, you will receive the Come Again ticket free of charge on presentation of your regular admission ticket [except (school) groups]. You can use this again as a day ticket for all three locations. So visit not only the newly opened museum, but also the district and the amphitheatre again. This gives you a second day of visiting Carnuntum after the museum opens!


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