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Marchfeld palaces and the Nationalpark Donauauen

Schloss Hof

Visit the splendid palace, the unique baroque gardens laced with seven terraces and the idyllic Meierhof estate farm with its wealth of plants and animals. Once residence of prince Eugene, Austria's largest castle complex in the countryside is always worth a visit. 


Schloss Eckartsau
Soak up the story of the Habsburg monarchy, its glory and golden age, its leading characters and their passions, but also the drama of its downfall. Heir to the throne Franz Ferdinand visited the palace when indulging in his hunting passion, and Emperor Karl I, the last Habsburg ruler, retired to Schloss Eckartsau for a few months after his declaration of renunciation.


Schloss Orth an Nationalpark Donauauen
The schlossORTH National Park Centre in Orth on the Danube is regarded as the “Gateway to the Wetlands” with the Exhibition DonAUräume and the so-called Schlossinsel area. Also don't miss the fascinating riverscape and the museumORTH located directly inside the castle.


Further information to the destinations: www.donau.com or +43 (0) 2163 35 55 - 10.


Rubin Carnuntum vineyards

Carnuntum is also the name of the wine-growing area situated east of Vienna, between the River Danube and the lake Neusiedlersee. It is one of the smallest wine-growing areas in Austria, but extremely dynamic.
Here the group of wine-growers known as “Rubin Carnuntum” are active. Once an insider’s tip, wines from Carnuntum are today a “must” on every sophisticated wine list! Thanks to ideal climate and soil conditions, red wines in particular from Carnuntum are now successfully established.  

Relax at the end of the day with wine tasting or a visit to a wine tavern in the region.

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