The time of the Romans in Carnuntum is not in the long-ago past, which can be seen by a few remains of walls, but it is the present which can be experienced with all one’s senses. Visitors can saunter in the footsteps of Roman emperors who wrote world history 1700 years ago. In the reconstructed Roman City Quarter, a house of a middle-class citizen ("House of Lucius"), a high-end city mansion as well as public baths authentically echoe Roman life and city architecture in the 4th century A.D. Since 2013 a semi-reconstructed building harbours Carnuntum's only preserved floor mosaic. A wooden reconstruction of the training arena, once located on the compound of the ancient gladiator school, can be viewed directly next to the Civilian City's Amphitheatre.

The buildings heated all year round are not ficticious sets or museum objects, but can actually be lived in. All kitchens have been fully equipped and every single room is furnished. Decorative details, layouts and street levels refer to a single era. 

Experimental archaeology was applied for all reconstructions. Building work was able to be carried out partly with original Roman stonework and with reconstructed Roman tools using ancient building technology and craft skills. All technical facilities in the buildings are fully functioning. Solid wooden constructions were made with chiefly old wood cut by hand instead of wood cut in a saw mill. The tiles for the underfloor heating system were made as an archaeological experiment in a reconstructed kiln in the Roman city quarter, using original pieces as models. The roof tiles based on original finds were reproduced in a specialized tile factory.

Extensive remains of the original wall paintings enabled the partial reconstruction of wall and ceiling decor in the houses. Very little wooden furniture has survived (due to the nature of the material) but this has been reconstructed based on written and illustrated sources as well as preserved originals from other museums.


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