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Dine like the Romans! Delicious Roman dishes hand-picked among ancient recipes await guests in the posh villa urbana of the reconstructed city quarter.

At this exclusive evening event, gourmets will be spoiled with original Roman recipes. The venue for the enjoyable event is the villa urbana, an elegant city palace rebuilt true to the original in the Roman City Quarter with colorful murals and a spacious festival room.

Posterity owes a comprehensive and detailed description of Roman cuisine to Apicius, a gourmet from the first half of the 1st century AD. However, the full sophistication and diversity of Roman cuisine and Roman taste is only revealed when the ancient descriptions are translated into recipes that can be cooked today. This opens a window into a time of a distinctive culture of pleasure that was an expression of a cultivated lifestyle.


The evening begins with a Roman aperitif and a short tour of the Roman City Quarter. The five-course menu is served in the atmospheric ambience of the Apsidensaal in the villa urbana. The banquet is framed by stories about the most diverse aspects of Roman cuisine. Between the courses, a brief look into the Roman kitchen for food preparation is thrown. The evening event will be accompanied by the antique sounds of the music ensemble Ars Serena. Music is mainly played according to scientifically based knowledge on replica antique instruments.

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30 july, 6, 20, 27 august 2022
18.30 a.m. - 23.00 p.m.
Roman City Quarter, villa urbana
€ 95,- p. P.

Guided tour only in german language

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