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Roman City Quarter/Petronell-Carnuntum

The Forum Culinarium situated directly inside the Roman City Quarter spoils visitors from 20 March to 14 November 2021 with ancient Roman and Austrian cuisine. In summer, the spacious terrace offering a perfect view on the park is an ideal place for having lunch or a snack. The catercornered restaurant Marc Aurel serves as our gastronomy partner at the Forum Culinarium.

Tel.: +43 2163 2285


© (c) Römerstadt Carnuntum

Museum Caruntinum/Bad Deutsch-Altenburg
The Kurzentrum Ludwigstorff is within walking distance of the Museum Carnuntinum and operates every day.

Kurzentrum Ludwigstorff
Badgasse 21-24
2405 Bad Deutsch-Altenburg
Tel.: +43 2165 62617