Art Carnuntum has been dedicated to Europe's philosophical cultural heritage since 1989 and presents significant plays of the classical world theatre in exciting, contemporary productions by renowned artists and theatres of the world every year.

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18.8.2023 Antigone

The Festival 2023 will open on 18.08.2023 with the ancient classic "Antigone".

"Antigone" by Sophocles, staged by international star director Savvas Stroumpos.

in Greek, subtitled in German and English.
After the performance, ORF correspondent Christian Wehrschütz and polymath, philosopher, jurist and historian Dr. Dr. Dr. Gerhard Donhauser will lead an audience discussion on the play and its impact.

19.8.2023 The Persians

in the amphitheatre Petronell- Carnuntum, from 19:30

With the drama "The Persians", Carnuntum will not only become the theatrical setting for what is probably the most famous and oldest account of war ever; parallels will also be drawn to the current crises.

26.8.2023 Advocates of nature

in the amphitheatre Petronell-Carnuntum, from 19:30

"Lawyers of Nature" by Frank Raddatz.

An amusing evening that deals with nature and our interaction with it. With song lyrics and music by Kevin Mooney created for the Theatre of the Anthropocene.

With dance, music and theatre, the arts are in the service of nature.

A play by the renowned director and scientist Dr. Frank Raddatz.


2.9.2023 Heraclitus and secrets of transition

in the thermal baths of the Roman City of Petronell- Carnuntum, from 19:30

Under the motto "Beginning, End, Turning Point in Time", a journey through time will take place, beginning with the play "Heraclitus" and ending with the "Secrets of Transition".

A dramaturgical arc staged by the well-known director and author Jürgen Kaizik, performed by the "Bluatschwitzblackbox Ensemble".

8. & 9.9.2023 Romeo and Juliet

in the amphitheatre Petronell- Carnuntum, from 19:30

A worthy conclusion to the festival is offered by Shakespeare's original troupe "The Lord Chamberlain's Men", the successors of that theatre company which William Shakespeare led as part owner and in which he himself was active as an actor and playwright. In the time of Elizabeth I it was the most successful troupe in London.

With the classic "Romeo and Juliet", visitors to Art Carnuntum can look forward to a theatre experience as it was in Shakespeare's time. This also means that all the roles are played by men.

Shuttle Bus

The shuttle buses are always provided from 17:35 at Operngasse 4, 1010 Vienna and depart from there at 17:50.

The buses return to Vienna 20 minutes after the performance (for Antigone and the Persians after the audience talks).

You can book a ticket when you order your tickets.

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