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Carnuntum Time Travel 2024 is a trip back in time to 1,700 years ago. As a guest, you can immerse yourself in the past and get to know the everyday life of the inhabitants of Carnuntum in the 4th century AD.

You will walk through the streets of Carnuntum, take a look into the kitchens or meet a patrol. The festival of late antiquity has no stops, they walk through a lively town where life goes its way.

August 17 and 18, 2024

Program preview

09:00 Patrols, civilian crafts, soldier training

10:30 Exercises for children and adults, hands-on stations in the camp

11:00 Plundering march of the Teutons through the city, discussion between the Quaden leaders

11:30 Adventus of Valentinian I & Valentinian II

12:00 Break, lunch, culinary delights & art

13:30 Concert, Court Household

13:45 Harpastum game

14:30 Hands-on lesson

15:45 Army demonstration / combat training in late antiquity 

16:20 Valentinian's death & imperial elevation of Valentinian II 

17:00 Children's program 

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