The Roman Festival in Carnuntum manages to inspire people of all ages like hardly any other event. In the Roman Quarter, a spectacular program is offered that completely immerses you in the ancient world of legions, barbarians and gladiators.

Buy tickets online

If possible, we recommend purchasing your tickets online in advance. This saves you double time at the box office: the online tickets entitle you to use the fast lane (no queuing) and the payment process has already been completed conveniently from home (tickets are only scanned).

Accepted cards:

The NÖ-Card is valid under the usual conditions (1x free admission per season) also during the Römerfest! You can also use the NÖ-Card to pay for your online tickets in advance, simply enter the number of your card(s) during the payment process under "Niederösterreich-CARD Einlösung".

The Burgenland Card is also valid at the Römerfest 2024! However, this must be scanned at the cash desk.

Opening hours & entrance fees

September 14/15, 2024 | from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Odrasli 13,00 €
Cijena s popustom* 11,00 €
Djeca mlađa od 11 godina u pratnji odrasle osobe besplatno
Djeca od 11 do 14 godina 6,00 €
Mladi od 15 do 18 godina 11,00 €
Školske grupe od 20 osoba 5,00 € po osobi
Grupe od 20 osoba 11,00 € po osobi
*Popust imaju: umirovljenici, studenti, osobe s invaliditetom, te vojni i državni službeni uz predočenje odgovarajuće iskaznice