Wheelchair access

Roman City Quarter (limited accessibility)

From the parking lot, you can reach the ticket office and wheelchair barrier-free via gravel paths that are flat and easy to navigate to a central information island in the grounds. From here you have a view of the Roman quarter and can experience the interior of the reconstructed houses via a recorded film.
The faithfully reconstructed Roman houses have a few steps and uneven surfaces. The Roman road surrounds these houses and is only partially accessible with wheelchairs and baby carriages.
With the help of mobile lightweight carbon ramps (length 208.5 cm, inner width 76 cm, load capacity 350 kg, weight 7 kg), the Roman baths and the villa urbana can be easily experienced. These mobile ramps, as well as wheelchairs, are available at the ticket office and at several points in the grounds.
We kindly ask you to notify us by telephone a few days before your visit and find out about the conditions on site. Groups with booked guided tours are requested to inform us of their requirements at the time of booking. There is a disabled toilet at the main entrance and in the sanitary building on the grounds and in our museum restaurant.

    Military City's Amphitheatre

    From the car park you can reach the ticket office and the exhibition room. Assistance will be necessary to access the arena via the lawn. There are no toilets available for the disabled. 

    Museum Carnuntinum

    The Museum Carnuntinum is entirely accessible for wheel chair users. For getting to the first floor you can use a stairlift. Also a wheelchair is available for you. The ground floor is equipped with a rest-room for the physically disabled. A disabled toilet is located on the ground floor.

    Visitors with hearing impairment

    All locations have mobile induction loops at the ticket office. In the Roman City Quarter there are listening posts with induction loops as well as mobile induction equipment for guided tours (please reserve in advance). In the Military City's Amphitheatre the exhibition room is also equipped with an induction loop. 

    Visitors with vision impairment

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    Roman City Quarter
    From the car park a ground guidance system takes one into the park grounds where there is a tactile orientation system. All the information on the notice boards are also in Braille. In addition short guide books in Braille and in larger writing can be purchased at the ticket office.

    Military City's Amphitheatre 
    All information boards are equipped with Braille.

    Museum Carnuntinum
    There is no tactile information or Braille in the current exhibition.

    Simple language

    A short guide book in simple language can be borrowed in the Roman City Quarter.

    For further information please contact: +43 (0) 2163 3377-0.

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