Making the invisible visible

With the Carnuntum App, for the first time you can also experience those areas that have been underground for a thousand years. At many experience points in Carnuntum, the ancient buildings appear virtually in your camera image. Through augmented reality, a fusion of the real and digital worlds, the past can be experienced. In addition, there are themed tours through the district to explore ancient finds of the former inhabitants of Carnuntum. As a 3D scan, the exhibits can be discovered in a virtual way outside the museum showcases.

NEW! All functions of the Carnuntum App can now also be experienced from home with your smartphone. Have fun on your digital foray through the Roman city!

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Augmented and Virtual Reality

Through Augmented Reality applications, at several experience points in Carnuntum, the ancient buildings are snatched from the earth and appear virtually in your camera image. The buildings and sites of Carnuntum are visualized in detail in their actual ancient context at the original location. Dimension, extent and context of the ancient city are thus shown in a completely new way.

The basis for the digital application and the virtual reconstructions is continuous basic research in Carnuntum. Site plans and views of the virtual houses come from archaeological research and are scientifically based.

On the map you can see where to find the experience points in Carnuntum. Scan the information boards on site to start the augmented reality application. From home you can access all virtual representations at any time by clicking on the experience points on the map. Additionally, fade in the ancient buildings to see the dimensions of the former city of Carnuntum.

Experience the digital reconstructions at the experience points in three different perspectives. Turn your smartphone 360° in all directions to see as much as possible.

AR - Augmented Reality

Here you have the opportunity to complement today's reality with the former buildings. The virtual buildings blend in with the actual landscape in your cell phone camera.

VR - Virtual Reality

Shows you a virtual image of how Carnuntum once looked like. Turn your smartphone in different directions to see everything.

Virtual Reality 3D

You can also experience the virtual scenes in 3D mode. For this you need virtual reality glasses, which are available in the Carnuntum Shop.

Explore ancient finds on special theme tours

Use the Carnuntum app to search for clues through the reconstructed houses in the district and discover ancient finds virtually on your screen. Those objects, which the former inhabitants of Carnuntum left us, appear on your smartphone where they were actually found and thus tell the stories of the people from Carnuntum.

When walking through the Roman Quarter, a hint appears whenever one of the exhibits is nearby. From home, the found objects can be called up directly via the map. In this way, a 3D scan of the object at the actual find site can be viewed in all its facets. Detailed information about each find completes the mediation of the two thematic tours.

The favor of the gods

The tour "The favor of the gods" summarizes some of those ancient findings that can be assigned to the subject area of faith and religious ceremonies. The worship of a variety of deities, but also superstition and magic, played an important role in Roman society.

Life and living

The tour "Life and Living" shows various objects of the everyday life of the former inhabitants of Carnuntum. Objects of daily use such as vessels and lamps are as much a part of it as valuable pieces of jewelry.

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