ISTER Project

ISTER (Latin Hister, Ancient Greek Ἴστρος Istros) was in ancient times the Roman name of the Danube, respectively for the lower course of the Danube. The aim of the project is to visualize and revive the ancient road network developed by the Romans along the Danube basin, as well as to design eco-cultural routes from it.

The project deals with the territorial dimension of the Roman routes and paths as a coherent transnational element, crossing the borders of the Danube Region states and providing a relevant scope for exchange and joint development. Thus, the main objective of the ISTER project is to (re)discover or revive the ancient Roman road and settlement network along the Danube and to integrate it into a common eco-cultural route. To increase the local attractiveness, ISTER uses three important factors:

1. introducing a multi-layered governance chain to strengthen the knowledge transfer and institutional capacities of the Danube region stakeholders through a collective knowledge mapping.
2. use of advanced tools and technologies to improve non-physical accessibility, visibility and valorization of the Roman route and settlement network, as well as the creation of a thematic cultural route based on the Roman heritage.
3. new, integrative methods to improve the political and regulatory framework in the Danube regions.

16 Partners and 10 Associated Partners will use their energy and knowledge to develop eco-cultural routes for pedestrians at the level of Roman paths and settlements, starting from Porolissum (RO / SJ) to the origin of the Danube (DE). The project duration is scheduled from 2020 to 2022.

For more information on the project, visit the partners' websites:


© ISTER Project
© ISTER Project
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