A visit to Carnuntum promises a unique journey into the ancient Roman world, combined with a pleasant excursion into the countryside. The spacious outdoor area around the reconstructed Roman buildings, as well as the open spaces of the amphitheater and at the Heidentor are ideal for a wonderful walk. At the large playground in the Roman City Quarter, there is plenty of room for children to live their own Roman adventures.



성인 € 13,-
할인* € 11,-
11세 미만 어린이(성인 동반) 무료
11~14세 어린이 € 6,-
15~18세 청소년 € 11,-
학생 단체(20명 이상) € 5,-
단체(20명 이상) € 11,-
*할인: 노인, 대학생, 장애인, 군 복무자, 대체 복무자가 관련된 증명을 제시하는 경우.

Opening Times

16 March – 17 November 2024 | 09 a.m. – 05 p.m. daily

Extended opening hours from July 1 to September 1, 2024: daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

Online Tickets

If possible, we recommend that you buy your ticket online. Unfortunately, these can currently only be distributed via the German website. We hope to find a solution for this soon!

Schools and Groups

We offer special rates and programs for school classes and travel groups. Find out more on the school page and the group page.

1 Ticket, 3 Sites

The admission ticket is valid on the date of its issue at three sites in the Roman City of Carnuntum (Roman city quarter, Museum Carnuntinum, amphitheater in the military city). With this ticket, you can move among these sites as often as you want on this day.


With selected club cards (ARBÖ, Burgenland Card, Ö1, Ö1 Intro, ÖAMTC, Raiffeisen account holders) you will receive discounts on the day's admission. Please ask for it at the cash desk. Please show the corresponding club card at the cash desk.

    With the NÖ-Card and the Vienna Pass you get free admission to the Roman city of Carnuntum once in the season. ATTENTION: These cards cannot be used for group programs (group rate, school programs, etc.,...)!

    Take advantage of the discount with the Niederösterreichischen Familienpass: € 10,- admission per family (children up to 18 years unlimited, max. 2 adults, except special events).


    Dogs on leashes can be taken along In the Roman City Quarter and in both amphitheaters. They are not allowed inside Museum Carnuntinum.

    At events (Gladiator Days, Children's Festival, Festival of Late Antiquity, Roman Festival) dogs must be muzzled and kept on a leash. The provisions of the Lower Austrian Dog Control Act apply here.

    We will be happy to help you with questions and individual bookings! Please contact us in advance of your visit. We are available all year round from Monday to Friday between 9.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m via roemerstadt@carnuntum.at or +43 (0)2163 33 77 0.

    Subject to changes.

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