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Metropolis on the Danube Limes - Fantastic Group Programs in Carnuntum

In 2023, the group offers in the Roman city of Carnuntum will be significantly expanded once again. The new standard program "Metropolis on the Danube Limes" offers you all the fascination of Roman antiquity. First immerse yourself in the world of the Romans at the new exhibition in the Museum Carnuntinum. Afterwards, experience the past up close: walk with your group through the reconstructed Roman houses, which are unique in the world, and immerse yourself in the world of the Romans. Other great offers for groups complete the package. Below you will find all the details about the programs, quick deciders can find the booking form here.

The past begins here.

Guided tour packages including entrance fee

Immerse yourself in the world of the Romans and experience the history of Carnuntum in the Carnuntinum Museum and the Roman Quarter.

New: Metropolis on the Danube Limes

The standard program for all group travelers with bus! First experience the brand new exhibition "World City at the Danube Limes" in the Carnuntinum Museum, which takes you on a journey through the history of Carnuntum, including the history of the city and the famous citizens of the Danube metropolis. Afterwards, you and your group will explore the reconstructed houses of the Roman Quarter, which are unique in the world.

After extensive restoration and redesigning of the content, the Carnuntinum Museum presents the brand-new exhibition: Weltstadt am Donaulimes. On the basis of partly never shown exhibits from the collections of the Province of Lower Austria from more than 130 years of research history in Carnuntum, the history of the city, but also the social life are impressively portrayed. Please note: The guided tour takes place at 2 locations (Museum Carnuntinum, Roman Quarter), which are about 5 kilometers away from each other, therefore the tour is mainly aimed at groups with bus.

Duration: 2,5 h
Price per ticket: € 17
Minimum group size: 20 persons


Highlights in the Roman Quarter

You will get a compact overview of the history and life of the Romans in Carnuntum. During the guided tour you will visit the highlights of the reconstructed buildings in the Roman Quarter. The route takes you to the magnificent city palace villa urbana and the impressive Roman thermal baths with continuously operated ancient underfloor heating.

Duration: 1 h
Price per ticket: € 14
Minimum group size: 20 persons




Grand Tour of the Roman Quarter

To get a detailed insight into all the reconstructions in the Roman Quarter, we recommend our two-hour program. In addition to the highlights, during the tour you will also see the house of Lucius, the amphora warehouse of a Roman oil merchant and the domus quarta with a preserved floor mosaic.

Duration: 2 h
Price per ticket: € 17
Minimum group size: 20 people




Museum Carnuntinum

The exhibition "Weltstadt am Donaulimes" takes you on a journey through Roman Carnuntum over several centuries. Experience how the over 100-year-old excavation museum brings personalities and city history directly into our modern times through the latest mediation technology.

Duration: 1 h
Price per ticket: € 14
Minimum group size: 20 persons



Extension modules in the Roman Quarter

In addition to the guided tours of the Roman Quarter, you can choose from the following extension modules. All extensions can be booked for an additional charge.

Workshop Tour

During this hands-on themed tour, you will gain an insight into the craft and workshop of a Roman potter. You will learn interesting facts about the different pottery, techniques and the functioning of an ancient kiln.

Additional duration: 0,5 h
Price per ticket: € 3




Culinary Time Travel

Immerse yourself in the surprising world of Roman flavors during a tasting of specialties made according to original Roman recipes. Enjoy a glass of Roman spiced wine (mulsum), Roman-style deviled eggs (ova elixa), olives, Roman flatbread, sheep's cheese and herb spread (moretum) and various appetizers.

Additional duration: 0,5 h
Price per ticket: € 15


Kulinarische Zeitreise_800x480px.jpg



Caesar Trophy

In this teambuilding program you can become active yourself. The goal is to lead your team to victory through joint skill. Numerous special tests inspired by the most famous Gaul in history ensure that fun is not neglected. The wild boar hunt calls for a sure aim, and the menhir throw requires above all the right technique.

Additional duration: 1,5 h
Price per ticket: € 6

Minimum number of participants: 20 people



Plan your group trip!


Main info for groups

Variety of group programs at three locations:   

  • scientifically based cultural mediation
  • adapted to individual needs and interests
  • partially barrier-free
  • interactive
  • restaurant on the site of the Roman Quarter
  • free cancellation up to 7 days before appointment
  • Please bring electronic confirmation of reservation with you at the time of the appointment
  • Guided tours in foreign languages possible

Directions, distances

Distances from station/between locationskmPiktogramm Fahrzeug.jpgPiktogramm Fußgänger.jpg
Roman Quarter - Amphitheater Civil City/Gladiator School 0,8 --- 10 min.
Roman Quarter - Heathen Gate 1,5 3 min. 20 min.
Roman Quarter - Amphitheater Military City 3,0 5 min. 45 min.
Amphitheater Military City - Museum Carnuntinum 2,5 5 min. 40 min.
Roman Quarter - Station Petronell-Carnuntum 1,5 3 min. 20 min.
Amphitheater military city - railroad station Bad Deutsch-Altenburg 2,0 4 min. 30 min.


Wien Stadtgrenze – Römerstadt CarnuntumkmPiktogramm Fahrzeug.jpg
Vienna - Roman Quarter/Amphitheater Civil City/Gladiator School 45 ca. 35 min. ca. 60 min.
Vienna - Amphitheater Military City 47,5 ca. 40 min. ---
Vienna – Museum Carnuntinum 50 ca. 45 min. ca. 70 min.

Römisches Stadtviertel
Hauptstraße 1A
2404 Petronell-Carnuntum

Amphitheater Militärstadt
Wiener Straße 52
2405 Bad Deutsch-Altenburg

Museum Carnuntinum
Badgasse 40 - 46
2405 Bad Deutsch-Altenburg


Booking contact

Our competent reservation team will be happy to advise you personally Mon - Fri from 09.00 - 16.00 on +43 (0)2163 33 77-0 or.

Locations at a glance

Museum Carnuntinum

The building in the style of a Roman country villa was opened in 1904 by Emperor Franz Joseph himself. Today, as the treasure house of the Roman city of Carnuntum, the museum houses the most important collection on Roman Carnuntum. From April 2022, it will also present itself with the new banhn-breaking exhibition "Weltstadt am Donaulimes".

Access: 1 ticket, 3 locations

Location: Badgasse 42, 2405 Bad Deutsch-Altenburg

Roman Quarter

Four ideal buildings in the style of the 4th century AD have been reconstructed fully functional on the original site according to ancient construction techniques.

Access: 1 ticket, 3 locations

Location: Hauptstraße 1A, 2404 Petronell-Carnuntum

Amphitheater civil city

Amphitheater Zivilstadt_800x480px.jpg

Located outside the walls of the former civil city, the amphitheater, built in the 2nd century A.D., provided space for 13,000 Carnuntinians for spectacles of all kinds.

Access: free of charge all year round

Location: near the Roman Quarter

Training arena of the gladiator school

Trainingsarena 800x480px.jpg

Located next to the amphitheater of the civil city, the training arena of the gladiator school was reconstructed as a wooden reconstruction.

Location: near the Roman Quarter

Heathen Gate

The remains of a triumphal monument from the 4th century AD are the landmark of Carnuntum.

Access: free of charge all year round

Location: Heidentorgasse, 2404 Petronell-Carnuntum

Amphitheater military city

Amphitheater Bad Deutsch-Altenburg 800x480.JPG

The older of the two Carnuntine amphitheaters, dating from the 1st century AD, is located halfway between the Roman Quarter and the Carnuntinum Museum.

Access: 1 ticket, 3 locations

Location: Wienerstraße 52, 2405 Bad Deutsch-Altenburg


Whether wedding, birthday, or corporate event. The Roman flair is the perfect setting for an individually planned and professionally executed celebration.

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