In Carnuntum, the Roman era is not a distant past, but a present that can be experienced with all senses. For this purpose, part of a Roman City was re-built at the original location, a worldwide unique experience.

All construction measures and equipment details are based on archaeological findings on site. The scientific basis for the reconstruction, which was carried out in antique handicraft technology and manual work, was based on years of research, from which information about architecture, heating technology, building functions, use of space and interior fittings could be obtained.

On your visit, you will open a unique time window into the ancient Carnuntum of the early 4th century.

로마 근교
Hauptstraße 1A
2404 페트로넬-카르눈툼

통합 티켓으로 입장
고대 로마 도시 부지에 카르눈툼 지구의 일부가 원래 부지에 재건되었습니다. 모든 재건물은 완벽하게 작동합니다.