In Carnuntum, the ancient world is not in the far-off past. Children can experience the fascination of ancient Roman times with their own eyes. Fully reconstructed buildings are just waiting to be discovered by young explorers. The buildings have Roman underfloor heating and are completely furnished. Splendid wall paintings and functional kitchens help young people understand life in late antiquity. Experiencing Carnuntum with the sense of touch is essential for understanding it and learning about it, especially for kids.

There are large open spaces in the Roman city quarter for short breaks and a big playground where children can play to their hearts’ content. The playground is readily visible from nearby shaded rest areas, so parents can keep a close eye on their children. Not only does Carnuntum leave lasting impressions, it is also full of opportunities for little adventures. Stop by! We look forward to your visit!

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Carnuntum with a stroller

The green areas in the Roman city quarter and both amphitheaters are readily accessible to strollers. There are several higher sets of stairs and platforms to negotiate on the cobblestone Roman streets, in the interiors of the reconstructed buildings and in the Museum Carnuntinum.


There is a large playground in the Roman city quarter readily visible from nearby shaded rest areas. In addition, there are large inviting green areas for taking breaks along the way. Children are warmly welcome in all areas of Carnuntum.

Strolls with children

The amphitheater in the civilian city and the gladiator school are about 800 meters from the Roman city quarter. Children are bound to be very impressed by the Heathen’s Gate, which is about 1.5 kilometers from the Roman city quarter. Visitors can easily walk to both destinations and tour the sites free of charge.

Children's Birthdays

With the programme “Gratulamur tibi” young Roman fans can celebrate their birthday in the Roman City Quarter. Groups of children from eight participants (with two accompanying adults) dress up in Roman clothes and then mint their own Roman coins. Also, there are all sorts of exciting activities and games waiting during the tour! Before everyone helps to prepare a Roman snack, incense is offered for the well-being of the birthday child.

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