The standard program for all school classes arriving by bus! First, experience the brand new exhibition "Metropolis at the Danube Limes" in the Carnuntinum Museum, which takes you on an educational journey through the history of Carnuntum, including city history and the famous citizens of the Danube metropolis. Afterwards you will explore with your class the worldwide unique reconstructed houses of the Roman Quarter.

After extensive restoration and redesign of the content, the Carnuntinum Museum presents the brand new exhibition: Weltstadt am Donaulimes (Metropolis on the Danube Limes). On the basis of partly never shown exhibits from the collections of the Province of Lower Austria from more than 130 years of research history in Carnuntum, the history of the city, but also the social life are impressively portrayed.

Please note: The guided tour takes place at 2 locations (Museum Carnuntinum, Roman Quarter), which are about 5 kilometers away from each other, therefore the tour is mainly aimed at classes with bus!

Duration: 2,5-3 h
Price per pupil: € 9
Minimum group size: 20 persons
Additional charge possible (minimum price: € 180,-)
Age recommendation: 8 - 19 years
Accompanying persons: 2 accompanying persons free per group

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