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You can also visually access areas that have been buried underground for a thousand years. At the seven viewing spots in Carnuntum, virtual images of the now invisible buildings from antiquity appear on your camera screen. Augmented reality brings the past alive by merging the real world with its digital counterpart.



Augmented and Virtual Reality

You can start the VR/AR view at any of viewing spots in Carnuntum. The map shows you where these spots are located. The viewing spots have information panels that contain the app logo. Scan these panels to start the view!

AR - Augmented Reality

Here you have the opportunity to augment today’s reality by adding the buildings that once stood here. The virtual buildings are inserted into the actual landscape image in your cell phone camera.

VR - Virtual Reality

Shows you a virtual image of what Carnuntum once looked like. Turn your smart phone in different directions to get the full picture.

Virtual Reality 3D

You can experience the virtual scenes in 3-D mode as well. To do so, you need a pair of virtual reality glasses, which are available in the Carnuntum Shop.


7 viewing spots in Carnuntum

On the map, you can see where the viewing spots are located in Carnuntum. Scan the information panels on site to start the augmented reality app. As a bonus, you can open the virtual rendition of the forum in Carnuntum at any time. You can find the bonus track on the map. You can also display the ancient structures that once stood here and see the full extent of the former city of Carnuntum.

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