Carnuntum with kids

It is a matter dear to Carnuntum's heart to make history an exciting experience for people of all ages and backgrounds. We especially like the challenge of waking children's curiosity.  Apart from various programmes for school classes, we also have diverse offers for families throughout the year, which make Carnuntum an exciting excursion destination of historic value, where one is surrounded by nature. The Roman City Quarter, the two Amphitheatres and the Gladiator School in particular are easy to understand and fascinate even small children with varied attractions. The sound of water, the different scents in the rooms and in the gardens, as well as the colourful murals take children to a fantastic world of adventure.

The spacious outdoor areas in the city quarter as well as the Amphitheatres' large arenas provide plenty of room to run around. There is also an extensive playground near the restaurant Forum Culinarium (which has a wide range of food on offer, catering for families as well) in the Roman City Quarter. Quiet areas in the shade nearby mean that one can always keep an eye on the children. In Carnuntum's calendar the Roman Festival and the Children's Festival are particularly suitable highlights for children and young people. 

Children's birthdays
With the programme “Gratulamur tibi” young Roman fans can celebrate their birthday in the Roman City Quarter. Groups of children from eight participants (with two accompanying adults) dress up in Roman clothes and then mint their own Roman coins. Also, there are all sorts of exciting activities and games waiting during the tour! Before everyone helps to prepare a Roman snack, incense is offered for the well-being of the birthday child.  

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