Culinary journey back in time

Roman savoir-vivre is at the core of this culinary programme. Prepare for a stroll through the Roman city quarter crowned with a Roman mulled wine tasting and delicious finger food.

This guided walk through the Roman city quarter and the fully reconstructed Roman buildings will tell you about the most important aspects of Roman everyday life in Carnuntum.

Afterwards, you will be able to taste the surprising culinary world of the Romans with specialities made according to original Roman recipes. Enjoy a glass of Roman spiced wine (mulsum), Roman stuffed eggs (ova elixa), olives, Roman flatbread, sheep’s cheese-and-herb spread (moretum) and various dips.
Information regarding allergenic substances are available from our team!

Duration: 2½ hrs
Price per ticket: € 28.-
Minimum: 20 participants
Location: Roman city quarter

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